[s-cars] What to look for on a 84 urQ

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sun Dec 16 08:47:42 PST 2007

Vincent Frégeac wrote:
> There’s a black on black urQ that may replace soon my assholemobile. I plan
> to go see her tomorrow. Beside that I love these cars, I know very little
> about the urQs. I will probably spend my Sunday on urQ lists and sites but
> thought there are some listers here who own urQs and may give some hints.
> What should I look for on a ’84 urQ, 113Kmiles, 225hp 10VT rebuilt at
> 90Kmiles?

I'm no expert on the urQ, so I'll forward this question to the quattro
post, where it may see more action.

My general knowledge:  the urQ was before galvanized bodies, so look for
rust. The engine is robust, but look for weak electrics (ignition,
switches, door jamb wires, noisy heater blowers). The engine is
sensitive to vacuum leaks, so check for old/cracked hoses.  A worn turbo
may cause smoke not related to a worn engine (although at 113K miles,
and only 23K on the engine, that might not be a problem).

That should get you started. If you are snowed in today, go to the
audifans.com web site and search on: urq problems

Good luck with the urQ (and the Fiat :).

Kent McLean
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