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Hi Guys,
  Iam pleased with your timely response on my request.Iam in love with Audi cars and in the process of procuring one used Audi 100 V-6 engine car,hence the quest for useful info before I commit my hard earned cash. Thanks, I really appreciate.
  Best regards,

Kent McLean <kentmclean at> wrote:
  larry lesiste wrote:
> I will appreciate if anyone out there can advise me on Audi 100 V-6 engine car.
> Information sought for include-
> 1.Maintenance. Is it very complex and expensive to maintain? 
> 2.Fuel econmy. Does the car have good fuel economy?
> 3.Durability. How durable is the car?
> 4.Safety. Has it good safety features?

I'm in the States, so YMMV, but...

Maintenance - easier than an I-5 turbo. The timing belt is key - if it
breaks, your engine is a big paper weight. You can do it yourself, but
one trick is locking the cams so they don't move while the old belt is
off. You can buy the tool, make a makeshift clamp, or be real careful.
They also have problems with the POS - ignition modules die with time,
causing misfiring and no-start conditions. They're easy to replace (a
couple nuts, an electrical connection, and 5 minutes of your time), but
they are not inexpensive.

Fuel economy - depends on your right foot. My 100S (V6, automatic,
non-quattro) gets in 21-22 miles per US gallon.

Durability - my 100S has 160K+ miles on it. I expect it to reach 200K
miles easily. Audi automatics are not known for being robust, but I
think that's with the V8 and chipped turbo models. My V6 doesn't have
enough power to hurt it. My 100S has been the most reliable of my Audis
(although I haven't yet taken delivery on my new-to-me A4).

Saftery - it's as safe as any other car on the road. Depending on your
local laws, we in the US get crush zones, air bags, 3-point seat belts.

Good luck.

Kent McLean
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