Nexen N5000 tires

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Tue Dec 25 15:49:08 PST 2007

My new-to-me A4 came with new tires.  I put air in them for the first time 
today, and noticed they were Nexen N5000 tires.  Huh?  Never heard of them.

Google...  Not much info (at least in US English): Korean. All-season. Cheap. 
Really cheap.

We'll see how they perform.  My guess is that cheap new all-season tires with 
deep tread are better than expensive 5-year old tires worn down to the wear bars.

On a side note, I was offered 4 new (delivery mileage) 17-inch Audi split-spoke 
wheels with Pirelli tires for dirt cheap. I bought 'em. So I'm not too concerned 
with the unknown Nexen tires. I'm thinking the 17-inchers will be summer wheels, 
the 16-inch ones will be winter wheels.

(How much more can I spend on my new car? No, don't tell me.)

Kent McLean
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