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Fri Dec 28 11:58:10 PST 2007

To each his own, but I personally would never trade the feel and ride of
a type 44 for the A4.  All type 44's aren't created equal either.  From a
"pou pou meter" (as Hans J Stuck would say) perspective I wouldn't trade
my V8Q for an A8, let alone an A4.  Costs me less to keep 3 type 44's on
the road for a year than the sales tax and fee's would be for a used A4. 
Type 44 parts cars can be had for less than their scrap value, can't beat
that either.  When I get some time in the Spring I'm going to do a triage
of my early type 44 parts (don't have any more "team doorhandle" models)
and offer them to listers for little more than shipping.  In the handle
department I have enough spare door handles and related hardware to take
any early type 44 into the next decade or so. 
Democracy: 3 wolves and a sheep voting on what's for lunch.

thejimrose <thejimrose at> writes:
> guys.. 2 words..
> "A"
> "FOUR"
> at this rate a nice used a4 is the same price as about 500 
> doorhandles.
> seriously.. as great a car is it is [was], it's time for the 44's to 
> go to
> the big, golden boneyard in the sky. bt, dt, stm, btt.
> [been there, done that, saw the movie, bought the t-shirt =]

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