[s-cars] Tire size for '01 A4

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
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Factory setup on a B5 A4 is 225/45R17.

B6 and B7 use 235/45R17.

Maybe that's where you're confused?

The gearing and the speedometer are going to be off if you run a much taller
235/45R17 on a car designed for a smaller rolling diameter.

Since the bodywork is different, I don't think you can necessarily say that
whatever works on a B6 will work on a B5.

As I said before, the tire size isn't the only factor- wheel offset and
width play into this as well. A wider wheel that more fully supports the
tire is more likely to rub because the tire will be a lot more "square." A
tire on a narrower wheel has more play because the tire will be more


On 7/17/07, calvinlc at earthlink.net <calvinlc at earthlink.net> wrote:
> I don't know how you guys think that an A4 will rub with a 235/45/17.  The
> sport package wheels on an A4 are equipped with 235/45/17's from the
> factory...maybe the offset is different but all the loaner A4's I have
> gotten in recent years had these tires on them.  They were 7.5 inch rims
> for
> width.....I think 42mm on the offset but don't quote me on that.  Maybe
> the
> '02s and up have different fender-wells....I don't know.  One of my
> friends
> just put 235/40/18's on his '01 S4 and they work fine as well.
> --Calvin
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> > 235/45 is too tall for a B5 chassis car. I don't know how badly that
> > will
> > affect gearing. Also, not sure if that will rub or not.
> 0.29" higher, 1.2% gearing . Darn near irrelevant.
> but I have heard that some brands of 235/45 DO rub, so caveat emptor!
> Grant
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