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If you have to qualify one bad thing by saying it's not as bad as another,
it's still bad.

Give me knobs. I even thing the buttons with display on the good "old
fashioned" CCH for
the UrS/type 44 is a bit stupid. You need to actually look at the display IF
you want a
specific temp (I guess it's somewhat intuitive if you go with "I'm cold,
press the top of
the temp buttons, I'm hot, press the bottom"). FWIW, although setting temps
isn't as
precise, the knob with pointer Climate Control in the Saabaru requires much
less driver

Let these computer interface devices go the way of the digital

My $0.02


On 2/28/07, Ez Veedub <ezveedub at hotmail.com> wrote:
> 10 minutes to turn down HVAC. Sounds a bit exaggerated. MMI takes some
> getting used to, but I believe its a lot better than iDrive. Once you get
> to
> know the panel, and you go back a regular car, you find its a lot harder
> in
> a regular car. Its some what like a keyboard. Once you know where all the
> buttons and functions, you usually don't have to look anymore or reach all
> over the dash try to adjust different controls.
> Ezveedub
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> >
> >Picked up a Q7 on Monday. Nice car, er truck. Took me 10 minutes
> >to figure out how to switch the radio on and another 10 to turn
> >down the HVAC. The MMI is not particularly intuitive...
> >
> >Anyway, it drives very nicely. Quite solid, nice motor, lotsa
> >power. Suspension is just stiff enough, the 2 part moonroof is
> >huge.
> >
> >Very comfortable overall.
> >
> >Funny thing -- as I'm picking it up, who walks up but Peter
> >Schultz. We're both out in SFO for work and getting cars from the
> >same place.
> >
> >Too bad I have to turn it in tomorrow before I fly home...
> >
> >It's just big enough that I will seriously look at the Q5 before I
> >replace the wife's car. Hope they both come with TDI motors. Weird
> >that the A5 won't. Audi could make a real statement with a nice
> >TDI motor in that car...
> >
> >Lee
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