anyone ever sawzalled the roof off your CGT?

David Ullrich david.ullrich at
Fri Mar 9 12:37:18 EST 2007

My thoughts? Make it into a "targa" like the Fiat X1/9. Cut the roof out at
the crease in the roof, leaving the rear part of the roof and the rear
window in place. The other cut would be just aft of the windshield header,
leaving the windshield and pillars in tact. Instant "Coupe GT targa" and it
should help some with rigidity. Add in a little bracing in the trunk area
and a strut tower brace and I would think you would have many moons of open
air motoring...

1987 CGT 2.3

On 3/9/07, JordanVw at <JordanVw at> wrote:
> just wondering if anyone has ever made their car into a fair weather
> convertible..
> i did this with a rabbit i had a few years ago.. sawzalled  the roof off
> of
> it and drive it around like that for a summer   instant cheap convertible!
> and yes the frame held intact..
> and before the nay-sayers spew negativity, remember Yarrowsport did this
> with
> a '87 5ktq wagon...cut the whole roof off, window pillars and all..down to
> the doors...drove it all the way from Mass. to NJ's waterfest and
> back..and it
> didnt fold in half :<)   and it rained that year too..   hehe..   i still
> have
> pics of that car..
> chris
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