anyone ever sawzalled the roof off your CGT?

Mark J. Besso mbspeed at
Fri Mar 9 19:51:32 EST 2007

I like the cut-down windshield.  It makes the whole car look lower.


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From: frank j. bauer
Subject: Re: anyone ever sawzalled the roof off your CGT?

you must see a photo of the chopped purple audi foxster that surfer dude
showed up in at monterey historics 1999.
thanks to rick bowerman via ti kan:

JordanVw at wrote:
> just wondering if anyone has ever made their car into a fair weather
> convertible..
> i did this with a rabbit i had a few years ago.. sawzalled  the roof off
> it and drive it around like that for a summer   instant cheap convertible!
> and yes the frame held intact..
> and before the nay-sayers spew negativity, remember Yarrowsport did this
> a '87 5ktq wagon...cut the whole roof off, window pillars and all..down to

> the doors...drove it all the way from Mass. to NJ's waterfest and
back..and it
> didnt fold in half :<)   and it rained that year too..   hehe..   i still
> pics of that car..
> chris

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