Engine-Trans install saga [Sick Feeling - Engine not engaging trans.]

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Wed Mar 21 22:36:15 EDT 2007

Right - BTDT before as well, but looking to see if the later B3/B4 parts will
work - everything would just bolt together.

Also looking for a more optimal lower corssmember that will allow better
intercooler placement.


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> Despite that I checked engine/clutch/trans engagement  prior to installation
> and then installed engine and trans as a unit, the throwout/release bearing
> was forced forward and slipped down off the sleeve and would not retract. 


> Since it all needs to come back out, now is the time to revisit the
> possibility of reworking the front members. Has anyone done this conversion
> removable front using later crossemembers and allow for larger intercooler
> fitment?   Other possibilities?

This is only "half" a solution:


And I think Marc Swanson may have done something fancier to his old 4kqt 
back in the day, but I can never find his photo archives when I search 
for them.  I fact, I'm sure he did.

Huw Powell



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