[urq] Seat heater element for urQ/Coupe

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Mar 29 12:07:56 EDT 2007

My '84 came with heated seats - but they were pretty archaic - one
switch on the dash pod, both heaters either on or off - no levels like
we have today.  When I swapped those original tan '84 seats for some '83
big bolstered dark brown ones with no heaters a few years ago I also got
a modern set of heaters - including the 4kq lower binnacle w/ switch and
wiring harness.  I had an upholsterer install the new elements in the
seats and the newer harness plugged right in, and of course the 4kq
lower binnacle (w/ separate 5-leverl switches for driv/pass) bolts right
in.  Modern seat heaters!

So have at it.


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Hi everyone,


My 1983 urQ is now seat-heaterless. I have the old style switch with
only the "broil" position. 


In a moment of genius, when I dismantled the 1986 Coupe GT last fall, I
kept both front seats. Maybe I was dreaming of a front gallery with
these gray-cloth perchs for beer drinking ? I don't know why, Honey
doesn't think it is a good idea. while baby Estelle adores the seats
while making vrooooom-vroooom noises.


 Now, before I attack this job (dismantling the seats), do you think
these newer element will work in my old car ? Next question is : will my
still nice looking zebra-cloth seats look no so nice after the swap ?


Louis-Alain, with a cold bun these days.

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