Windshield Wiper Parking

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Don't know exactly what your symptoms are; my Avant's wipers make a full, 
correct sweep of the windshield, but in two stages.  They park about 4 or 5 
inches high, then when activated, sweep down to the correct park position 
then, a full sweep of the windshield.  When turned off, they park at the 
same place.  Tried the linkage fix awhile ago, but that actually interfered 
with operation.  Still interested in alternative answers.  Thanks

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> Yes, this is helpful info. Being that I'd rather fix the motor than
> replace it if possible I will probably go this route. First I plan on
> checking to see if the motor to linkage has somehow slipped out of
> place then if necessary I'll take apart the motor to see if I can
> figure out what is going on.
> Thank you for the info
> Jules
> '91 Audi 100 10v
> '71 VW 1600DP Bus
> On 3/27/07, Richard van der Hoff <richard at> wrote:
>> Well, I've never actually solved this problem myself, but essentially
>> the way the park function works is by having some contacts which run
>> along a track, within the motor assembly. The track has a break at the
>> 'park' point; hence the arrangement is such that the power is maintained
>> to the motor until the wipers return to the park point, the contacts
>> reach the break in the track, and the connection is broken. Now, if the
>> track (or contacts) are dirty, the connection can be broken at the wrong
>> time, so the wipers park in the wrong place.
>> So in theory, it might be possible to dismantle the motor assembly,
>> clean the contacts, and it be good for another 15 years. Or, it might be
>> impossible to take apart, it might be full of tiny springs waiting to
>> ping across the workshop, or the contacts might be corroded to crap.
>> FWIW, the park never worked very reliably on the rear wiper of my '91
>> coupe. But, being a rear wiper, I could never be bothered to actually go
>> and fix it.
>> So there you go. HTH.
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