80q Ignition Lock Cylinder R & R

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sun Nov 25 21:04:52 PST 2007

Safety Torx / Tamper Proof Torx should be easy to find. Try Sears or such, 
and you'll be looking for a kit of those little 1/4" bits that fit in drills 
and screw drivers. Something like this should do the trick:


I bought a set a few years ago at Harbor Freight that came in a 6"x8" red 
plastic case that has every Torx up to T-45, Tamper-Proof Torx of same 
sizes, Metric and Standard Allens from teeny to about 6mm, 15 diferent flat 
and 15 different Phillips screwdrivers, 4 sizes of tripple-square, and 20 
other bits that I've never used like wing-nut drivers and stuff. I can't 
find it on thier website, but maybe you can find it in the store. Was about 

As for your lock cylinder you need to find somebody with the proper manual 
for the car. Many Audi's of that era will require you to drill a small hole 
in the lock housing at a very specific point that will allow you to push the 
release clip, then the lock slides right out. This can usually be done with 
the lock housing still assembled in the car. As a matter of fact.... I just 
checked on AllData and your car is indeed one of those that require a drill. 
You will need to remove the housing from the car according to them. The 
drill needed is about 3mm, and the spot to drill requires a labeled 
illustration with measurements taken from certain "landmarks".

Perhaps one of those 1 car AllData subscriptions would be a good thing. I 
just browsed arround (I've got the full AllData business subscription) and 
it's got basically the entire Bentley manual for your car nicely packaged 
and easy to use. $25 for a one year subscription seems not so bad to me 
considering the cost of the Bentley that the AllData pages are direct copies 
of and in a better format.

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