Calling all suspension gurus

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Wed Oct 10 13:53:00 PDT 2007


did a BDTD on the rear bushes on the t44 (as well as front subframe
bushes) last week
first off, i would recommend replacing the pairs of bushes in the
bracket at the front of the rear trapezoidal arms.
that did for all of my clunking on the 200 TQA and a big hammer and a
vice is all that you need
these bushes and the ones between the hub and the arm have a fairly high
metal to rubber ratio, so I'm not 100% convinced that poly would give
you much improvement on a bang for buck level.

the one at the rear of the arm is a different story, and might be worth
poly even on the basic level that the oem sleeved ones are a b at 5tard to
fit without a press.

as i said though, try the front arm bushes first 'cos you might just end
up stopping there, but having splashed out on ALL of the bushes, I had
to press on to avoid difficult questions about why there were "extra" 
bushes lying around on the desk........


Robert Myers wrote:
> Hi Y'all,
> Miss Piggy is needing some suspension work.  She has developed some 
> rather strange unidentified clunking and squeaking sounds from her 
> rear end.  (OK, Paulie, that's entirely enough of that!  ;-))  She 
> handles fairly well but can use a little tightening up.  (Paulie - 
> quit that!)  Her local road  environment (southern 
> West-by-God-Virginia) provides a large number of sharp angle of 
> attack intersections and some major caverns loosely called potholes 
> which severely threaten her FMIC.  For this reason lowering her 
> suspension makes no sense at all.  The huge number of twisties in her 
> environment definitely require decent handling.
> Ms. P. is a '95.5 urS and has: 113K miles, RS2 mods, FMIC, HRSB, and 
> BIRA system 3 brakes, HID low beams, plus a number of other 
> relatively minor mods.  She still as her OEM suspension and is shod 
> with 245/50R16 tires/wheels which provide enough sidewall depth to 
> help a bit with the potholes.  The current struts pass the push and 
> rebound test OK.
> My other s-car has a set of Bilstein HD strut cartridges which have 
> been reasonably satisfactory but could be improved upon.
> What do the suspension gurus recommend for Miss Piggy?  OEM ride 
> height is probably best for conditions here so springs might not be 
> required but cartridges, bushings, mounts, etc., are all fair 
> game.  I wish I could say that money is no object but it is at least 
> part of the consideration.  :-(
> Recommendations?
> Bob
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