4000q power windows no power

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Oops sorry about the blank reply.
I've had 2 suggestions to check the door wires... is there any way that a broken wire in one of the door jambs could cause a lack of power coming in TO all 4 switches?
The ingnition switch sounds likea good check. Finding my bentley after not needing it for 8 years sounds like a monumental task in itself...

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spectrum wrote:
> 1986 4000q, no power getting to any of the power window switches in the
> yet all fuses I can find in the car are good....Anybody know if there is
> sort of circut breaker of other related item buried inside teh car that
> cause it?

Usually when windows don't work, it's a result of broken wires 
in the door jamb. Open the driver's door, pull back the rubber 
boot, and looked for broken wires and cracked insulation.

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