Quick question - 4000 strut bearings

DK proleonk at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 19:22:49 PDT 2008

Back again,

I recently replaced the front struts, strut bearings, etc  but I still
have a clonk when I back up or at slow speeds and turn the wheels
fully either way. My guess is that it is coming from the strut bearings, as
I may have put them in the wrong way.
I got those http://www.autohausaz.com/secure/PartImages/8A0412323B.jpg
and I have the green part facing up. The old strut bearings only fit
in one way, the new ones go in either way with no problem. Bentley was
no use, as it
had the older style bearings, and they were within the rubber part.
I put them in this way, as I figured that the moving part on the
bearing contacts with the upper strut nut and round washer/strut top cap.
Just want to get that squared away before the alignment next week.

Also, when the front tires are in the air, I have lots of play, the
struts assembly is able to move up and down, maybe half an
inch.... Wheels on the ground nothing noticeable. Havent driven it
much, as alignment is off and I got new tires.



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