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The coolant over flow bottle has a drain line on it. to expell coolant if it expands too much.
It keeps from blowing the cap off. But any lost (unless its overfilled) usually NEEDS to be replaced.
This should be by the drivers side fender when you look under the hood.

Coolant level (and type / color) is important.
Your gauge won't read high if its not working as it should.

Take 20 minutes in the AM or when the car is cooled off (COLD)
Start the car and let it idle until the radiator fan comes on.

Your temp gauge should slowly work from the bottom (left) to the half way to just a bit above half way BEFORE the fan turns on.? Keep the A/C off during this test.

IF it cycles on and keeps the temp gauge just around the 1/2 way mark, then your cooling system is working ok.

RUNNING THE A/C, keep a fan on most of the time.? To help cool the harder working engine.


Manually downshifting ONE gear (like "D" to "4") is acceptable at 65MPH.
Your engine will run about 1,000 RPM (Revs per minute) faster and have a bit more pep and power during steep climbs.? Watch the tachometer.? 3 is 3,000 RPM.? 2 is 2,000 RPM.? Ideally you want to stay below 4,000 RPM unless you like to wind up your motor.? The yellow/red line that starts on the tach around 6, is the "redline" area of the engine.? The max speed it is designed and possibly warrantied for.? Stay below this area.

The driver SHOULD: even downshifted one gear, DECREASE throttle / pedal until the car stays at one speed and one RPM for the entire hill climb.

IF you can toggle the trip computer stalk to check your MilePerGallon, you should find while lifting slightly on the throttle climbing a steep grade (as talked about above) a "throttle" place, where your MPG peaks, try to stay at that point:

You'll get the best MPG climbing the hill there.
You'll get JUSt enough power output to climb the hill without additional stress climbing the hill.

Adding more fuel, just creates heat and power which physics (climbing the steep grade) prevents the car from going any why add more fuel when you get nothing (good) from it?? When that extra fuel gets burned, its heat has to go somewhere...............decreasing the life of the motor and its surrounding components.

No only will you get increased motor life, but better fuel economy too.
The foot on the throttle is the key.

Check your fluid levels? these help a lot.


Fay, each generation of the Audi gets a bit heavier.? 
More weight on a relatively small 2.8L motor.? 
IF you notice the next body style A6 they seem to address this every few years by increasing the displacement (size of the motor)

95 A6 = 2.8L? 12 valves? 172 HP?
99 A6 = 2.8L? (30Valves for better breathing) ~200HP
01 A6 = 3.0L
05 A6 = 3.2L

Hope this helps. (HTH)

-Scott by BOSTON

Now you have another post about now power assist when parking.

Maybe you blew the PS line / leaked Pentosin (a special VERY expensive) mineral oil.
and that was the smoke you saw.

Against the firewall is a round top container with lines coming from it.
Check this level (and that its GREEN) the cap should have a dip stick on it.

This PENTOSIN tin quart looking container from a store will be above $15

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