Exhaust Manifold in-car removal

urq urq at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 4 08:02:24 PDT 2008

I don't know what model you are talking about, but I have BTDT on two
different 10vT variants (urq & 5kCSQ) where I was able to remove the EM
while the engine proper remained in place.  The intake manifold did need to
come off, and I'd imagine things would be easier with the airbox and FI
stuff out of the way as well.  The big question is whether or not you need
to remove the turbo ... I'm pretty sure I did.

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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Hey out there in Audi land - I know many of you have enough experience
with these cars to know if an exhaust manifold can be change on a 10vt
motor with the motor in the car? And if so, do I need to remove the
Intake manifold, or can I leave it on. 

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