Recently upgraded to 6 speed in the urS4.. now Clutch Bleeding

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Guys- ?I have a pressure bleeder, and have done the jar, and check valves and _all_ the usual. I got lazy and didn't hook anything up as I was hurrying to get this car on the road for the URQ25 meeting this weekend. This was supposed to be one quick bubble and done. Didn't happen that way. Shortcuts usually aren't. Live & learn.


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The clutch slave / master cylinder can be bled cleanly and single-handedly  
using an aquarium tank air hose and a glass jar.
After bleeding all 4 brake lines, put an inch or two of brake fluid in the  
glass jar.  Insert one end of the air hose in jar, making sure it is  immersed 
in the brake fluid.  Attach the other end of hose to slave  cylinder bleeder 
screw (you may need to stretch it out with needle nose pliers  to get it over 
the bleeder nipple).  Place jar on firewall or engine --  anywhere where you 
can see the air hose and it is above the master  cylinder.
Open bleed valve.  Slowly depress and pull back on the clutch -- you  may go 
through 7 to 10 cycles.  Refrain from pushing too far in, as this  may damage 
the seals.  Also, make sure that your brake fluid is high in the  reservoir.  
Once you see the hose full of new, bubble free brake fluid,  screw in the 
bleeder valve and test clutch.  Top off with more clean brake  fluid.  Drive.
Naysay all you want, but it's worked on my 4000q, my 80q and my 200q 20v  
with no spraying, splattering or brake fluid ingestation.
-- Tom
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Even a  small amount of air will do that.
I just got my URQ bcak together with the  20V and the clutch system never 
came apart, but had air in it when I first  started the motor. On removal the 
slave was removed from the bell housing and  reinserted unmolested. How it got 
air in it is a puzzle.

In the FWIW  dept - I laid?under the car to do a quick bleed with the wife on 
the pedal.  Super Blue burns the skin and tastes absolutley awful!! 
Fortunately my glasses  kept it out of my eyes. I?had never had a bleed job spit 
splatter like  this did. Live &  learn.


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