Recently upgraded to 6 speed in the urS4.. now Clutch Bleeding

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Tha't pretty much the self bleeder. It has a small bottle with a magnet. The 
hose goes into the bottle. It works quite well. The homemade version, being 
cheaper is better!
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> The clutch slave / master cylinder can be bled cleanly and single-handedly
> using an aquarium tank air hose and a glass jar.
> After bleeding all 4 brake lines, put an inch or two of brake fluid in the
> glass jar.  Insert one end of the air hose in jar, making sure it is 
> immersed
> in the brake fluid.  Attach the other end of hose to slave  cylinder 
> bleeder
> screw (you may need to stretch it out with needle nose pliers  to get it 
> over
> the bleeder nipple).  Place jar on firewall or engine --  anywhere where 
> you
> can see the air hose and it is above the master  cylinder.
> Open bleed valve.  Slowly depress and pull back on the clutch -- you  may 
> go
> through 7 to 10 cycles.  Refrain from pushing too far in, as this  may 
> damage
> the seals.  Also, make sure that your brake fluid is high in the 
> reservoir.
> Once you see the hose full of new, bubble free brake fluid,  screw in the
> bleeder valve and test clutch.  Top off with more clean brake  fluid. 
> Drive.
> Naysay all you want, but it's worked on my 4000q, my 80q and my 200q 20v
> with no spraying, splattering or brake fluid ingestation.
> -- Tom
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> Even a  small amount of air will do that.
> I just got my URQ bcak together with the  20V and the clutch system never
> came apart, but had air in it when I first  started the motor. On removal 
> the
> slave was removed from the bell housing and  reinserted unmolested. How it 
> got
> air in it is a puzzle.
> In the FWIW  dept - I laid?under the car to do a quick bleed with the wife 
> on
> the pedal.  Super Blue burns the skin and tastes absolutley awful!!
> Fortunately my glasses  kept it out of my eyes. I?had never had a bleed 
> job spit and
> splatter like  this did. Live &  learn.
> Dennis
> Denver
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