Continuing Problems 88 5KSQ

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Thu Aug 7 10:46:25 PDT 2008

OOOPS! I missed that ... for some reason I thought we were talking a TQ ... apologies ...
I don't know how often the electrohydraulic actuator or the current drive circuit for it does funny things ... CIS-E was used on many Audis and I don't recall hearing much about that failing.  Given that the OXS has been replaced I am skeptical that the fuel system is the culprit.  
Doesn't the non-turbo engine have EGR?  If so, has this been checked to ensure the system is operating properly?  On my '78 Fox I had a problem where the engine would run well cold and die once the engine warmed up a bit.  I won't go into the grossly illegal means the dealer used to "solve" the problem, but suffice it to say that once the engine warmed up a hard vacuum was applied to the control diaphragm on the EGR, independent of the engine speed.  At high enough revs the engine would smooth out, but it ran crappy in the lower range ...
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San Jose, CA (USA)

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The car in question is not a turbo, keep that in mind.

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