More Questions -- 88 5KSQ

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Thu Aug 7 16:53:09 PDT 2008

The saga continues. Today my mechanic told me that the position sensor mounted on the side of the MAF meter is bad; he says that it should have linear resistance but mine simply goes open. He says that it does not appear to be a replaceable part. He also said in all of his years of working on CIS systems he had never encountered anything to make him check this component and does not really know how critical it is to the operation of the vehicle. I hope that someone has information on how critical this posiotion sensor is. I would also appreciate any infomation on the years/models?that have a MAF that is interchangeable with mine. Once again the car is a 88 5KSQ; this is a normally aspirated car. As always your thoughts suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Gary Meier

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