Continuing Problems 88 5KSQ

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Aug 7 17:24:43 PDT 2008

Alexandru Hobeanu wrote:
> Hi
> I don’t know if will help you, but last summer I’ve encountered a
> similar problem with an NG engine. Sometimes when the engine was hot,
> massive power loss occurred and pressing the acceleration was useless
> (the RPM didn’t change). I had changed the ECU, ICU, DPR and checked
> the engine temp sender. Check engine light was sometimes on and the
> code was 2132 (communication error between ECU and ICU). The problem
> was at the knock sensor (the plastic body was cracked and also the
> cable). I think the timing was being retarded too much and the
> fuel/air mixture didn't ignite. I replaced the knock sensor and the
> car was cured
> Hope it will help to solve the problem.

I am also very suspicious of the knock sensor as a potential culprit.

Sometimes when heat soaked, my 90Q will lose 90% of its power when 
shifting into 2nd.  After 10-15 seconds the power comes back in two or 
three quick steps.

Huw Powell

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