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If I recall correctly, the Pot assembly on the side of the CIS-E3 distributor has a
different function than in the CIS  turbo cars.  I recall it performed basically an
acceleration enrichment function base on rate of rise of airflow plate, as well as
provided fuel consumption info (I  think)  On the turbo cars it was just used just for
fuel consumption.

I could be wrong and it has been awhile since I did Project GTQ and was more familiar
with the  CIS-E3.

Might be some clues on wiring on my webpage for the NG conversion.  See if interested:

And of course Benley manual would have full description of this.  And maybe Huw recalls.


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That resistor is only used to determine fuel consumption ... the ECU does not need this
input at all.

If you needed to replace the part I'd say to swap the entire plate ... they have to be
pretty available in the used parts market.  The plates themselves are quite swappable
... I took a plate from a MC-2 equipped 200Q and mounted it on the airbox for my urq.
The only thing to beware of is the shape of the funnel that the airflow plate moves in.
I have no specific data on how compatible they are, but I would assume that a non-turbo
is incompatible with a turbo.  You may be able to use the part from a 4kQ or 90Q ... 

Steve B
San Jos?, CA (USA)

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The saga continues. Today my mechanic told me that the position sensor mounted on the
side of the MAF meter is bad; he says that it should have linear resistance but mine
simply goes open. He says that it does not appear to be a replaceable part. He also said
in all of his years of working on CIS systems he had never encountered anything to make
him check this component and does not really know how critical it is to the operation of
the vehicle.
I hope that someone has information on how critical this posiotion sensor is. I would
also appreciate any infomation on the years/models?that have a MAF that is
interchangeable with mine. Once again the car is a 88 5KSQ; this is a normally aspirated
car. As always your thoughts suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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