consumer warning / doomsaying about tire shelf life [NAC]

Mike Arman Armanmik at
Wed Aug 13 12:34:07 PDT 2008

Yeah, and sometimes the cars also take on a life of their own and mow down innocent children, 
something called "unintended acceleration syndrome" if I recall correctly.

Seriously, the media has their heads jammed so far up their collective butts that getting *anything* 
right is the eighth wonder of the world for them.

In the "old days" the media published "news" and sold advertising, the theory being that the people 
who were reading the news might stumble across the ads and buy something. They discovered that ad 
revenues are more dependable than interesting news, so now they sell ad space and fill in the unsold 
parts with sensationalist drivel - all the news that fits we print - that has little or no relation 
to what actually happened.

And they wonder why the perception of the media is down there with philandering politicians (is 
there any other kind?) and sleazy used car salesmen (ditto).

/rant mode

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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