installing trailer hitch on C5 A6

Enzeder enzeder at
Wed Aug 13 21:03:31 PDT 2008

Hi Lee,
	I recently installed a Curt hitch on my allroad.  In a word it was
disappointing, but there were no real alternatives (at least it did not
require any cutting).  The dealer item is NLA, and was close to a grand
anyway.  Also, the Audi hitch is not a receiver, so you couldn't use bike
racks, hitch-hauls, etc.  Audi support for towing is total CRAP compared to
say Dad's Subaru which took all of 15 minutes to bolt up AND wire, and cost
about $250.

Here are a few photo's:

A few annoyances (some may be allroad specific):
The hitch was bent during shipping.  I just pounded it straight.
I had to "adjust" the front bar so that the holes lined up with bumps in the
spare tire well.
I have not found any domestic company selling a converter for wiring (the
photo of the 13 pin plug).  Why would Audi offer a car in the US that has EU
fittings.  At least they could offer an adapter.
I had to cut the bracket that holds the air compressor in the spare tire
Finally, the fact that it mounts to sheet metal.

Unfortunately, this experience alone makes me want to buy a Japanese car
next time (Legacy or Outback - here we come).  I'm surprised at how poor
Audi engineering is with regard to towing.


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Has anyone installed a trailer hitch on a C5 A6? I found one brand, Curtis,
which requires a series of holes to be drilled with the hitch essentially
mounted to the spare tire well.
The last time I installed a hitch (on a Volvo 145 wagon), the frame was
pretapped for the hitch and the hitch mounted solidly to the frame...

Anyone have a spare hitch for a C5 wagon?


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