marketplace abuse?

urq urq at
Tue Aug 19 23:37:10 PDT 2008

I guess that I missed the motorcycle post ... 

Frankly, I don't understand why this topic comes up for whining from time to
time ... it isn't that difficult a matter to hit the delete button a bunch
of times ... I use Microstuft Outlook and find it is a simple thing to
select a bunch of messages I obviously could care less about and delete them
with a single keystroke.  

I think some people forget how much they have to pay to have such a valuable
feature as the marketplace here on audifans ... a feature provided by
volunteers at that.  Sure a lot of features would be nice, but are they
necessary?  If you want craigslist features ... you can just use craigslist.
Yes, I know craigslist is free too, but they do get support and have a
dedicated staff to optimize their product for their ROI from their
advertisers.  For better or worse, the audifans marketplace is not set up
that way.

If someone posts a bunch of parts in separate ads ... or even a motorcycle
to the audifans I do hope that some portion of any net sales does get fed
back to Dan for the maintenance of the list ... 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

Thanks to Brett, Mark and Dan (and all others) for keeping this craft afloat
... :-)

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