marketplace abuse?

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Wed Aug 20 05:03:31 PDT 2008

I can see how it might clutter your mail box if you subscribe to the
email update. 

My approach is to browse the marketplace at my convenience as I already
have too many emails from work to start with. When browsing via I.E. it
isn't a big deal and its pretty convenient that they are all grouped

You might also consider creating a rule in your outlook to collect or
delete those items - there's usually some consistent data in the email
to allow you to do so.

However if Brett and Mark believe they can create a separate Part-Out
section - that would be best.

Vittorio -

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I know the person doing some of it.  He's a (very) old list member,  
though not very active these days.  I've emailed him asking him to  
consolidate his postings.  If it continues to be a problem, I'll start  
talking with Mark about enhancing the marketplace to either better  
accommodate parting-outs in some fashion (since they're fairly  
common)...or maybe enforce a reasonable per-person limit.

Suggestions are welcome.


On Aug 19, 2008, at 6:10 PM, Todd Rountree wrote:

> Maybe this isn't the place to vent, so please accept my apologies if  
> I'm out of line, but I am really annoyed with a select few  
> individuals who post massive amounts of items in the  
> marketplace at once.  It is my understanding that the marketplace is  
> for private individuals that are posting Audi-related items from  
> their projects and not for people who part cars for profit to post  
> individual posts for every single piece of the car they're parting.   
> I don't mind if these people listed all of the parts their selling  
> from a single parts car in ONE listing, but when I have to sift  
> through the same 100 posts that get bumped to the top of the list a  
> couple times a week, well that's really annoying.  Now it's gotten  
> to the point where one guy is even posting non-Audi-related items  
> for sale (honda motorcycles) in the parts section of the  
> marketplace.  Am I alone in my opinion that this practice should not  
> be allowed?  Is there anyone that can take care of it?  Again, I  
> apologize if I'm out of line or this is the wrong place to vent.   
> Your opinions on this issue are welcome.  Thanks!
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