Market value issue

Ales ragtop at
Wed Aug 20 09:32:13 PDT 2008

Jesper writes:
> the Issue. My 95.5 S6A was recently totalled by the ignorance of another
> (failing to stop at a stop sign) and not (as expected) their insurance
> company is telling me the "fair market value for my car is 2700.00.

you're likely in better shape since someone else is liable, as they need to
you whole, rather than dealing with your own insurance company in which case
the terms of the insurance contract would matter.  That said, if you can't
to agreement with their insurance company, you'd need to sue.
first place to start is with a specialized value guide such as "Cars of
Interest"; don't know if they list the
or not.
it may ultimately be worth your while to pay for an appraisal;
lists these people but I know
nothing of them.
in all cases, find as many ads for S6A's as you can to document what they
really sell for, either to show directly to the adjuster or to help the
good luck!
- Ales

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