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Real sorry to hear that happened.  We know well that car is worth more.

Main thing is provide documentation.  Any/all expenses and reciepts itemized - you may
have some homework to do, but a spreadsheet itemizing all work and parts  will help.
Be persistant - if you say OK that is what they want.  Fight it - tooth and nail.

Impose upon them to locate a car in as good of condition for you, car rental fees, and
then buy the car back for next to nothing.  You won't necessarily get back all the cost
for the parts, but the fair market value on an S6 that is $2700 is one that probably did
not run very well and was a complete disaster.  Find comparables - show them the
examples of suitable cars that will replace yours.

I'm sure you can find some folks who will sell their nice S6 to you for $27000 - find
those ads!

I have a '91 200Q 20V sedan I'll sell you for $6000 :-).


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I really need some help. I have been searching the archives for something I know is
there but can't find it.

the Issue. My 95.5 S6A was recently totalled by the ignorance of another (failing to
stop at a stop sign) and not (as expected) their insurance company is telling me the
"fair market value for my car is 2700.00. now yes my ODO says 208000 miles but
EVERYTHING other than the body has less than 20,000 mi on it (most things under 15.) I
see the car between 6500 and 9400 in NADA and they sell everyday here for between 8000
and 18000. My car was a built 400HP monster with attention to every detail.....big reds,
hap bar, 2b coilovers, 034 coils, carillo rods, arp hard ware ti this light weight that
and damn if I can't get more from them.

can anyone point me in the right direction, I remember this being a subject line many
times. Tanks in advance!

Jesper Moreau

'95.5 URs6 Avant mit go fast gizmos
'92 tornado redish S4 (wifes ride)
'08 A3 DD]

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