No More manual for A4?!

Dave dave.eaton at
Sat Aug 23 15:11:36 PDT 2008

the ³many days when we would like an auto² is the real issue.  there are
days (rare admittedly) when I think that a manual in the rs6 would be nice,
but the auto is so good (particularly sport mode), this happens rarely.
when it does happen, I think of the heavy clutch on my old rs2, and the
thought becomes less compelling.  even when in the allroad and towing on
gravel roads, the auto is absolutely spot-on.

drive an rs4 (new, not old) and you see that a good manual gearbox is still
a revelation.  however audi lost countless sales due to the lack of a dsg or
auto for that car.  then again, the auto in the new rs6 is so good, you
wonder ³why dsg?².  the porsche pdk in the audi s1 wouldn¹t work in a road
car because microprocessor technology wasn¹t good enough ­ now look at how
the industry is adopting the idea.  that¹s the thing about engineers, they
thrive on competition and on improving.

now audi are confident enough to design and manufacture their own
longitudinal dsg box coming to your neighbourhood in the q5, and the a4/a6
and suitable for the s4 (and apparently the new rs5) ­ leaving the oem¹s to
the other car manufacturers.  i¹d like to drive that unit, as to this point
in time, dsg has left me underwhelmed compared to a good auto.

Œ03 rs6
Œ04 allroad tdi

On 24/08/08 4:55 AM, "thejimrose" <thejimrose at> wrote:

> yup the dual clutch was porsche helping out audi with the s1. total black ops
> style. =) amazing that technology was so old when it first came out i thought
> 'how groundbreaking!' perhaps why i'm not an engineer? =)
> as for the manumatic / dsg argument, i for one am not concerned with 1000's of
> seconds of performance improvement. if i were i wouldn't drive an a4.. it's
> about synergy with the machine and the drive, not the lap time.
> although i have to say there are many days when an auto would be lovely.
> On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 6:56 AM, Dave <dave.eaton at> wrote:
>> f1 has a "seamless shift" gearbox - effectively a better version of a
>> dual-clutch box.  audi debuted a dual-clutch gearbox in the wrc back with
>> the s1 (1986), and some parts from the porsche parts-bin....

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