Loud hissing sound when pressing the clutch pedal

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As other listers have already pointed out, I also think the TOB is on its way out.

Also BTDT on a VW QSW I bought with a bad TOB. When I got it, the TOB was on its last leg, making a very loud grinding noise in the bell housing area as well as a subtle vibration on the clutch pedal as soon as this was engaged.

When I separated the bell housing from the engine block, the TOB fell apart upon touch. I was lucky it did not do any damage to the fork, guide, input shaft or any other surrounding parts.

I imagine your vehicle also boasts a pilot bearing and, if so, should replace while everything is apart.



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> Andrew <elms88 at gmail.com> writes:
> > Despite the hissing appearing even when I barely touch
> the clutch 
> > pedal?
> Yes
> > Also, this would make it totally unrelated with the
> hydraulic 
> > problem that
> > the clutch seems to have as the clutch cylinder had
> air inside. Is 
> > it just a
> > mere coincidence?
> Yes.
> If the noise can be better described as a
> "sandpaper" noise than a
> hissing, Yes.
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