fragile paint on the newer cars?

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Wed Aug 27 07:37:16 PDT 2008

As I said, my Brother's Ford Built Mazda has (well had, his bumper was
resprayed after a deer hit) paint chips galore, too. So, maybe only GM has
it right. I guess Taka may find out, if he doesn't clear bra the 'Vette.I
wonder if Cerebus got saddled with M-B paint as a result of the former D-C


On 8/27/08, Brett Dikeman <quattro at> wrote:
> On Aug 26, 2008, at 11:53 AM, Andrew Duane wrote:
> > Are the chips along the nose of the hood?
> Nope- the A6's leading edge is pretty flat, with no forward-facing lip
> like the older cars.  The chips and scrapes are along the sides, even
> in places you'd never expect (ie not door-ding territory), like on the
> front fender, right over the wheel.
> Sounds like the whale-saving, water-based paints are suspect, from the
> various responses...ugh!  Not what you expect from a car in this price
> range.  It truly is ridiculous.  Remember the days when GM/Ford
> couldn't get paint right?  Looks like the tables have turned...
> Brett
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