Subject: RE: SEMA Urgent Legislative Alert: California Lawmaker Tryingto Sneak by a Bill to Require...

Tom Winter tom at
Thu Aug 28 10:29:11 PDT 2008

On 8/28/08 9:05 AM, ""Geraint Lloyd" <geraintlloyd_qc at> wrote:

> Surely we should get a proportional carbon footprint credit
> for the manufacturing associated emissions of the vehicles that we pillage
> in scrap yards? 

Hahahaa! I'd also like a credit for reducing the footprint created by
preventing the environmental damage caused by scrapping old Audis, as I've
kept several alive. After all, a derelict junker has to be towed to the
scrap yard, and then there are all the emissions involved with running the
machine to shred the metal and recycle the leftovers. Not to mention all the
other associated costs (and footprint) with producing something useful from
said recycled metal and then shipping it to consumers.

Tom '95 S6 Avant (doing my part to the save the planet)

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