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Bill Shaw at
Fri Feb 1 12:38:40 PST 2008

But the power will leave you flaccid. 240hp is nothing to write home 
about. Now the turbo chili pepper is another story - if you could get 
THAT power plant in a boxter you'd have something! I got a few laps at 
Lime Rock in a pepper S and it's got some serious grunt, even with the 
pork. 4 grown men strapped in at speed through the esses, all hooting & 
howling, tires screaming - was a sight to see :-) Bill From: Grant 
Lenahan <glenahan at> >If that doesnt the handling will. >On 
Feb 1, 2008, at 12:16 PM, thejimrose wrote: >

> >
> > OF is right
> > there, upside down as God intended it to be. The drain plug is
> > totally exposed, in the bottom center of the pan.
> >
> > That almost gives me wood.
> >
> > Great. Now i want a Boxster. Thanks a lot, gents.
> >
> >  ;-) 

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