Head job

Bill Shaw b.shaw at comcast.net
Fri Feb 8 08:53:31 PST 2008

Does anyone have a valve spring compressor that will work on these tiny 
little 30V intake valves?  My p-car valve spring compressor works OK for 
the exhaust valves but the intakes are so tiny I just can't get my tool 
in there.

I'd like to beg/borrow one if I can,  buy one if I have to,  or else 
I'll have to make something if all else fails.

Amy's dead a6qa may live again soon. The problem ultimately turned out 
to be the compression rings on one bank were fully compressed and glued 
into the grooves with black gunk.  $1200 worth of new parts piled on the 
bench,   about 1/2 done honing the block,  have all the internals 
cleaned up,  one head half striped and cleaned,  got stuck last night on 
those little teeny-tiny intake valves.

'99 a6qa (lock carrier in service position)

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