Gotta be a 5 cylinder (manual) quattro!

John Cassidy jcassidy at
Mon Feb 11 09:48:00 PST 2008

<<And no, there are still many of us out here with the older Audis. If I
can't have five cylinders and AWD I don't want an Audi ... Randy Cohen>>

Here here!  I've been trying to convince myself  I'd enjoy a newer
quattro to replace the '91 200q, with 240 kmi.  It still runs
phenominally, although it has a smorgasbord of electrical gremlins.  I'd
really like another Avant, but in my price range:

'99-'03 A4 - 1.8tqa - Most likely candidate, but smallish, sludge
issues, rare w/manual, leatherette or cloth only, limited tunability,
control arm issues.  2.8qa - 6spd is a possibility, but mpg is mediocre
for the performance, real lack of tunability

'01--02 S4 - Nice although still smallish, seem to be expensive to
maintain, especially with questionable durability, insurance is sky
high, poor mpg, very rare with 6spd

allroad - negs, unless I could find a 6spd TDi   (oh sure!)

A6 - heavy, slow, do they even have manual trannys?

'02-'03 S6 - Yes Sir, I'd forgo the manual tranny to own one.  Even
though pricing is getting real tempting on these, I can only imagine
what maintenance would be.  I'd guess pricing is down on them because
22mpg hwy (if grandma's driving) on premium requires a line of credit to
keep gassed.  What will it cost when the 5spd Tiptronic $hits the bed?

I'm just hoping a 95.5 S6a in pristine condition with a few of the right
mods crosses my path when I'm flush. Too bad I'm not a Subaru Legacy GT
wagon kinda guy...yet!

John  Cassidy

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