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The reviews look good - however I'm still doubtful that they are that
good in snow in cold weather - I didn't see anything about morphing
rubber compound ;) that would remain supple in sub-freezing temperature.

They talk about a tread pattern that is good in wet weather - but again,
based on the amount t of snow Ben gets in his area - this may be
sufficient. Wouldn't fly in NH :)

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Kent McLean wrote:
> Grant Lenahan wrote:
>>> I also agree with Ben in that there really is not 'good' compromise 
>>> tire for summer/winter
>> Traditional wisdom.
>> But read the reviews of the brand new GoodYear Eagle F1 A/s. It 
>> apparently breaks the traditions.
>> I wish I could have bought it in my size.
>  From Goodyear's own web site:
> =1197
> Dry Traction   9
> Wet Traction   10
> Snow Traction  N/A
> We have snow in NH. "N/A" doesn't convince me.

Oh. More studying.
Dry Traction   9
Wet Traction   9
Snow Traction  8

These are the "Eagle F1 All Season", not the "Eagle F1 GS-D3".  What's
in a name?

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