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Not sure why you'd be nervous, Jim. I mean, if Audi recommends it (and I use the same in my car) then you're okay. I know you're probably out of warranty (as am I) but I've been using this since the first oil change and no evidence of any sludging in my engine.
Dan D
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ok well that makes me even MORE nervous about the 0w40 M1 i run in the a4 as
per audi's recc's. i dismiss the parts counter guy's comment of 'OIL
FLAORVED WATER!' whenever i buy it. =/

> > The first question is what temps are you running in during the winter.
>  That would determine the bottom number for me.  The "if it ain't broke,
> don't fix it" part of me says stick with what you've been using.
> > My friend Tony is an engineer with experience in oils.  He says the
> additives that make an oil multi-viscosity actually fight it's lubricative
> properties.  His recommendation is to run straight weight oil as much as
> possible, light in winter, heavy in summer of course.  He says to always run
> the oil with the narrowest spread between the numbers as it lubricates the
> best.
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