thejimrose thejimrose at
Thu Feb 28 16:56:30 PST 2008

nice! i saw that car [if it's the same 1... gotta be.. ] on the FS forums
here. great car.

> Do you have a glass sunroof?
> Looks to be a slab of steel.

quick - weld it shut! =)

> I've got euro-spec lights, but they are horribly mis-aimed at the moment.

nice!  aim and polish the lenses if they're pitted. relays are the way to

>   The fuel injectors are hard to find and expensive when you do.
> Good to know. I see 034 has an upgrade there.

i was just gonna say that.

good luck. lovely car. especially with a 20vt in it =) this list has some of
the most well informed carnuts out there. incredibly high quality of
information here. also will be your friend - lots of I-5 audi
hotrodders over there.

are you in CA? ping me on your 89 gti, i'm interested!


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