Axle seal? - I repack them

Grant Lenahan glenahan at
Fri Feb 29 11:52:17 PST 2008

Here's how I see the scoop on CVs.

Most rebuilt axels are crap. Far worse than OEM.  Raxles and a  
precious few others make high quality parts - new, OEM joints on old  
stub axles.

Boot kits OTOH, are about $15 through the mail. If you buy from a  
reputable supplier, I never get one wrong.  ECS for example, sells a  
good one for about $13 I think.

So, i do think rebuilding them is a superior idea, unless you spring  
for a raxles rebuilt, or another of equally unusual quality.

Yes, its a PITA. But a 1 hour or less PITA.

On Feb 28, 2008, at 1:07 PM, thejimrose wrote:

> while that is true, i had a different experience.  i did all 4  
> boots on my
> a4 when i did all 8 front control arms as a 'might as well while it's
> apart'.  i WILL NEVER do cv boots again. it's very messy FING PITA  
> and while
> you can save a few $ the boot kits are surprisingly expensive [even  
> mail
> order]. plus  i got the wrong ones about 4 times, which added to  
> the fiasco.
> if you do the boots, and another reason not to, is that when you  
> take the cv
> apart make sure you stamp / mark the faces when it's assembled [i  
> didn't
> know this] because although the parts LOOK symmetrical they fit  
> together 1
> way. which took about 2 hours to sort out on one of them. like some  
> kind of
> billet rubiks cube.
> on my car the boot kits were about 50 ea. while a remanned axle is  
> like 150.
> TOTALLY worth it, imo to plug n play the axle,
> ymmv
> jim
>> If you're talking about the grease boot, then no, there is no  
>> reason to
>> change the entire axle, the boots are replaceable.  Depending on the
>> application, some rebuilds are so cheap that shops will just swap  
>> them
>> out instead of bothering to change the boot.
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