Cant retract rear caliper pistons on '95 A6 - why screw?

cobram at cobram at
Mon Jun 2 23:35:53 PDT 2008

It's designed like that so you don't need mini-drums, shoes and related
hardware for the emergency brake setup.  The pistons rotate out to adjust
the emergency brake by compensating for pad wear. 

I bought the $5.99 "special" tool and it's worked just fine for me, never
had a problem, even here in the rust belt. 

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"Tyson Varosyan" <tigran at> writes:
> So can someone please explain to me the logic as to why these are 
> made in a way that you have to twist and push? Seems idiotic to me -
> other car I have had, you just press them in. The fronts on this car
you just 

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