Patient: 1988 5kq Intermittant start

John Gourley azaudi at
Tue Jun 10 10:42:04 PDT 2008

>Patient: 1988 5kq

>Problem: Intermittant start
>Engine will crank, but not start.
>Sometimes, you can hear the engine 'cough' as you turn off the
>ignition switch from Crank to Run.
>Turn key off and on again, and it starts right up.

Was there a solution for the above problem, which was posted a week or so
ago?  If so, I missed it.

I've been having a similar situation with my 91 100 front wheeler, stock NF
engine.   I am experienced a similar thing....not wanting to start up after
warmed up.  The degree of warm up doesn't seem to matter that much, whether
barely warm or running for 2 hours.   The problem seems to be mostly within
the first 15-20 minutes after being shut down, with the sooner after being
shut down and then trying to start is the worst

I have checked residual holds to specs.

The car has been parked for a year or so, and with everything being original
on the 130,000 mile car, I decided to go ahead and replace components  (the
car is nice enough to warrant new parts)

So new within the last week.............injectors, throttle position switch
(checked out bad on the full throttle position), fuel pump check valve,
spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter

I did not replace the fuel accumulator or the fuel pressure regulator....but
again, residual pressure is good.

Puzzling why, after trying to start and it doesn't, I turn the key off and
immediately back on and without fail it starts
immediately.......................almost as if by turning off the key and
right back on, it is resetting something.

thanks for any thoughts or ideas.

wish the car worked as good as my trusty old 89 200TQA!

John Gourley

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