Wiring in trailer harness 1995 A6Q

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No BTDT with cars newer than 1991, but in my experience with Audi's wiring systems, nothing you do for any kind of "normal" wiring for a trailer will eliminate the autocheck bulb out warning.  Just like adding Eurolights.  I have hitches and power converters on both my 200q20vs, and there's no avoiding the bulb out, far as I can tell.  Even jumpering the relay position in the relay panel doesn't take care of the issue with the rear lights.
  Here's what I have done for trailer wiring:  I use a fused power source from the battery to supply power to the converter device.  I use the simple type of converter that has a 12 volt source connection, an individual ground and  triggering connections for the turn signal, brake and driving light uses and a four-wire pigtail to go to the trailer pigtail.  Last one I installed, on our 200q20v avant,  was made by Tow Ready  (http://www.towready.com) and was their product #118176.  That replaced what I used earlier (#118176) on the 200q20v sedan.  
  So I ran a 12-gauge fused line from the battery positive connection into the trunk (you only have to take off the rear seat bottom and pull some of the trunk lining back to get through), connected their ground wire to the ground on the driver tail light housing and used some of those 18-20 gauge Tee connectors to tap off the lights, brakelights and turnsignal light wires next to the driver tail light for triggering the converter operations.  I fasten the converter (which really is a relay) to the side of the well in front of the driver tail light assembly and run the pigtail so I can pull it out of the trunk at the center to connect to the trailer.
  On my VW diesel Jetta, I ran the power supply from the battery under the hood through the cabin (behind trims were other wiring goes) and then made the same type of connections in the trunk at the tail light.  No warnings, but the VW doesn't have those anyway :~)

Rob Beatty <beattyr2003 at cox.net> wrote:
  Looks like there is a little btdt out there, but not enough for me to feel
comfortable. Anyone got a list of the converters that will work for this
car? Concerned about the autocheck freaking out and running too much
current draw through the wiring for the lamps.



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