3B to AAN conversion and vice versa.

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I think Huw was being facetious, 
but good explanation none-the-less.

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Well there are a lot of reasons.  Mainly I want to use the AAN engine
management on a 3B
engine that has RS2 induction.  Basically building an RS2 engine.

I was going to use the AAN engine until I aquired a seriously built 3B -
Pauter Rods, JE
Pistons, balanced, etc.  Head nicely reworked.

Might be easier for me to swap heads, since the head work can be fairly
replicated, but a lot of money and machine work went into the bottom end.

Much more to this insanity, but that is the basic explanation.


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> Don't ask why - just need to convert an AAN block and head to 3B setup and
a 3B to an
> AAN. 


Huw Powell



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