Poll: What do Most People Do When their R12 Runs Low

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To clear up confusion. Do Audis have accumulators or receiver-driers? Do
Audis have expansion valves or an orifice tube?

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> Those who have older Audis will eventually reach the day when 
> their AC is feeling not as cold as they want it.  I'm 
> wondering what people do mostly.  The choices that I can think of are:
> ...

I did a full conversion to R134a on my 4000 several years ago,
and while it wasn't the most economical way to go about it,
I have absolutely no regrets.  It's still working better than new.

- Swapped to Sanden compressor with special adapter bracket
- New R134a-compatible barrier hoses, fittings, ports and nitrile o-rings
- New receiver/drier
- New expansion valve
- Radiator fan upgrade
- A/C Idle boost valve upgrade




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