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Fri May 2 06:42:56 PDT 2008

Well, I don't know if I would be considered an old timer.....

But I just realized I've been on the list now for 10 years.
I bought my '93 90S in 1998.

I may drive an '06 Ford Five Hundred AWD now, but my wife keeps saying I will probably go back to Audi when I get sick of the Ford. The '09 A4 or A5 is looking pretty tempting. Even more so if they offer the 3.0 liter diesel engine.

Huw Powell wrote:
>Does anyone else sometimes feel nostalgic for the time when 
>( in those days) got 200 new emails on Monday 
>morning, and tailed off to 100 or so by the end of the week? Back when 
>people were coaxing 220 hp out of 5000 turbos, and a few intrepid souls 
>struggled to put MC1 or MC2 motors into 4kqs? Oh, and the flame wars... 
>Those were the days, my friend. 
>-- Huw Powell

Todd Young

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