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Fri May 2 08:46:22 PDT 2008


Indeed many of us "old timers" are still out here. :-)

I think quite a few have moved on to Mid 90 S6 or similar.... so far these
are holding up quite well and leaving less to discuss than in the "Glory
Days" of Type 44 endless issues.

My daily ride is an 89TQA with 240K miles but I don't need to post much as
I've already done most of regular R&R once/twice.  I suspect that many now
just lurk since they have the information they need for most of the usual

I do have fond memories of Phil P chastising Bob Dupree for creating the
"Franken Car" LT-1Q which is now my regular track car.

I am grateful for the community here... I'm also working on my P-Car and it
is amazing at the lack of a really, really good forums.  Some good Tech
articles but not the same level of help at all.

Peter Golledge
89 200TQA, 89 200TQ (Former Myer ride), 87 LT-1Q (Former Dupree ride), 95
S6, 79 930.

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There are still a few of us old timers around, Huw.


At 12:14 AM 5/2/2008, Huw Powell wrote:
>Does anyone else sometimes feel nostalgic for the time when
>( in those days) got 200 new emails on Monday
>morning, and tailed off to 100 or so by the end of the week?  Back when
>people were coaxing 220 hp out of 5000 turbos, and a few intrepid souls
>struggled to put MC1 or MC2 motors into 4kqs?

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