Dave dave.eaton at
Fri May 2 15:00:54 PDT 2008

you want nostalgia?  i had the rs6 in the dealer while they swapped a rfid
tyre tag out and got talking to a young sales guy there.  i was admiring an
rs4 avant with the black optics package.  i commented that i miss my old
ur-quattro 20v from time to time.

he looked at me and said, "yes my dad had one of those, and loved it".

'03 rd6
'04 allroad tdi

At 12:14 AM 5/2/2008, Huw Powell wrote:
>Does anyone else sometimes feel nostalgic for the time when
>( in those days) got 200 new emails on Monday
>morning, and tailed off to 100 or so by the end of the week?  Back when
>people were coaxing 220 hp out of 5000 turbos, and a few intrepid souls
>struggled to put MC1 or MC2 motors into 4kqs?
>Oh, and the flame wars...
>Those were the days, my friend.
>Huw Powell

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