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Fri May 2 15:51:25 PDT 2008

Twas Ingo, not I.  I had my first Avant, the Indigo Blue one.


On 5/2/08, Unka Bart <gatorojo at> wrote:
> Which reminds me of an old flame, whose 15ish daughter said something
> about the subject, pronouncing it nos-sta-gall-ia.
> Andrew, I think your cat was something incredible like 22 lbs, am I
> right?  My old buddy, Spike (the wondercat) who lived to be 23-1/2
> maxed out at 17 lbs; and he was a monster with nary an ounce of fat -
> may he rest in peace and feast on rabbits and squirrels forever!
> And am I geezin, or do I remember meeting Wylie Bean at the 75th
> running of Pike's Peak in '97 when qheads came from all over to meet
> and greet.  Even Tom Nas from the Netherlands made it!  That's where
> I saw my first V8Q ever, I'm embarrassed to admit that I disremember
> whether 'twas Ingo or Ed who brought it.  Or maybe it was both of
> them...
> I drove there from Maryland via Augusta, GA and Pensacola (and many
> other stops along the way).  Great times, eh?
> Bart
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