emissions repair questions for an 87 5ktcs

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Sat May 3 19:03:30 PDT 2008

Do you mean the ISV (Idle Stabilization 
Valve)?  Possible I suppose 'cause that sucks in 
metered air.  Easy to clean, but cleaning always 
seems rather temporary. However, replacement was 
expensive so I lived with the occasional stall 
you describe because as you noted, once running it was like a top.

At 04:21 PM 5/3/2008, Dave Yentema wrote:
>I was wondering if perhaps it was the CSV, 
>because when the car sits for a while, i'll go 
>to start it and it fires and then dies shortly 
>thereafter. it'l start right back up and run fine after that though.
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>Hi Dave,
>         welcome to the club.
>I'm not 100% sure, but I think idle spec is 800 ±
>50 RPM, so you aren't that far out of spec
>(assuming you have a manual trans).  With an auto
>the idle spec is 720, so you'd be right on.
>I'm not a guru, but I'll try and get the ball rolling:
>Hi CO indicates rich running.  Leaky injector?  Leaky cold start injector?
>Maybe add a couple of gallons of race gas to a low tank?
>I'm not sure what .5 limit is.  But page 25.25 of
>the Bentley says spec for CO is between 0.3 and
>1.2% volume with O2 sensor connected.  And there
>is a CO adjustment procedure, but I've never done it, or had a need to.
>At 02:14 PM 5/2/2008, Dave Yentema wrote:
>>Well first off, just wanted to say hi to all of 
>>you, as this is my first submission on here.
>>I've got an 87 5ktcs that i just went to take 
>>through inspection today, and it failed for CO. 
>>The standard is .5, and i failed with .56. The 
>>other numbers are 78 for HC (standard is 100) 
>>and 9.7 for CO2. I hav been trying to get this 
>>car inspected since december, when it failed 
>>for having a bad headlight. Since then everything has went wrong.
>>I just had a 3in catback system done w/ a catco 
>>cat and summit race muffler, did a tune up a 
>>few months ago and for the most part the car 
>>runs great.  It does idle low every now and 
>>then, the inspection place documented my RPM at 727.
>>The car has no codes at all.
>>Any help would be awesome,
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